I consider myself to be in a fortunate position,of being able to compile and play a variety of music from Popular to Opera and sharing those choices with the listeners.I also like to research the music and the performing artists. This knowledge I impart to the listeners, to make the show more interesting and personal.

My background in music stems from an early age. I began dancing when I was four (Irish and Tap). At fifteen, I performed Folk and Pop music with appropriate groups. I listened to Classical Music and Operatic pieces when I was studying.

When studies were completed and I began work, I continued to perform on the club circuit, then my performances were based mainly on the musicals and Big Ballads.I had many friends working on Radio Clyde and I did some interviewing for them on the Folk and Jazz/Blues Scene with some very dodgy street mics. 

When I met my husband I was introduced to Jazz, both Traditional and Modern, which I have enjoyed presenting with Marga. My musical tastes are extremely diverse and that's what makes my choices for the show I present.

Outside of Hospital Radio my interests are as Diverse as my music

Several afternoons a week I co-run the Well Being Centre at the NHS Plaza H.C.
I am vice-chair of TS Fortitude the Nautical Training Ship for adults with Special Needs.The only one of its kind in the country.
I am also a school diocesan governor with links to the Parish and Welfare Responsibilities.
I am also the Secretary of HATT - Hastings Association of Twin Towns and Chair of the Hastings-Bethune Exchange.