Nicky Stead


I am quite new to the CHR family with my Classic Music Radio show going live in May 2016 after training with Molly and Mick. You can hear me on Sundays between 2-3pm and you never know what you may hear as I love most types of music and, as well as current music, love big band, Elvis, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, motown, soul and jazz. I also love dancing and in the past have taken swing, jazz and tap classes. I'm a bit of a retro girl and love musical films like the old classics; Singing in the Rain, Top Hat, Summer Holiday, Grease and, of course, Elvis films.

I usually pick a theme for my shows and choose tracks around it, doing a little research to include little facts and stories I like to share about the music. I hope that the music makes the patients happy and distracts them from pain. I also think that music can take you away to different places and trigger memories of past experiences when hearing a song from the past and also has the power to soothe and relax.

In my other job I work as a PA/Administrator and in my free time I like swimming, beach walking and nature and socialising with my family and friends. I also like watching crime dramas like Silent Witness and Lewis, wildlife documentaries and Strictly Come Dancing.



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