Trevor Moss


Trevor Moss presents The Lantern Society Radio Hour, featuring the very best live performances fresh from the stage at Hastings’ Candlelit acoustic club, ‘The Lantern Society’ held every first Thursday of the month at The Printworks on Claremont Road.

In 2007 Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou established their now legendary acoustic club ‘The Lantern Society’ upstairs in a small room above a Dickensian pub in the City of London. Over the coming years their humble wooden stage would be graced by countless players from multi-million selling recording artists to fledgling talents.

In 2009 the club became home to ‘The Lantern Society Radio Hour’ an online radio show, hosted by Trevor Moss, featuring the very best performances from their much coveted stage. The noteworthy result was the forging of a unique and definitive document live from the frontline of a constantly evolving music scene. With an old-school broadcasting style ala Bob Harris and the industrious spirit of Alan Lomax’s field recordings, the archive was sought out by The British Library Sound Archive for inclusion and preservation for generations to come.



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