In the UK, we listen to an inordinate amount of radio, even though we may not realise it. We wake up to it, drive to it, work to it, play to it, bathe and shower to it, and even go to sleep to it. Accordingly, radio has become an increasingly powerful marketing medium. If you’re considering this route, you’re not the only one. More and more companies are turning to radio advertising to reach these burgeoning captive audiences.

Radio advertising influences us all whether we realise it or not. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously as a result of hearing an advertisement on the radio. So if you have done this, then so has our listeners. We not only Broadcast to the Conquest Hospital but NOW we broadcast to the WORLD. We broadcast 24hrs A Day 365 Days A Year.  Our listener rate has gone further, than the east coast as patients in the Conquest Hospital get their family and friends to tune-in via their smart phones,android tablets and even on the Tv sets with Smart Boxes, which means YOUR advert could be heard now further, It pays to advertise.


Contact our sales team now on 01424 755255 ext 8309 or email Studio@conquesthospitalradio.co.uk for more details and get your advert heard very soon.