I joined Hospital Radio Hastings in August 2000 having been 'introduced' to the organisation by Phyllis Miller, a long standing member. She was in fact my kindergarten teacher on the Island of Borneo in the 1950s. A small world!

I had been interested in radio Communications since the age of seven. There was no television in Sarawak in those days and entertainment mainly came from my parent's radio-gram. I used to listen to the shortwave bands and became interested in Amateur Radio

(Ham radio).


I obtained my 'ham' licence in 1971 and have been broadcasting to the world ever since. Phyllis thought that my interest in radio would be a help to Hospital Radio.


I met my wife to be whilst volunteering as part of the Tuesday Team. We produce a programme each on Tuesday evenings, I broadcast the Tuesday Magazine programme at 7pm while Linda visits the wards collecting music requests for her programme at 8pm. I assist Linda with the technical side of things whilst she is presenting the Request Show. We also broadcast the Sunday Praise show once a month at 7pm.




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Antony Turnbull