My weekly music programme encompasses a mix of Jazz, Big Bands and Vocal.  Geared to a hospital listening audience, I try to cover a wide range of music and stories behind the recordings.

I am a massive jazz fan.  My taste in jazz covers a fairly wide spectrum – from Luis Russell to George Russell, or if you prefer, From Harry Barris to Barry Harris.

On the Big Band side, along with the Swing Era Greats, I also try to include lesser known masters in my programmes – Don Redman, Edgar Sampson and Sy Oliver and similarly with vocalists I’ll endeavour to include amongst the great Song Vocalists some fine but lesser known singers such as Carol Sloane, Sue Raney, Jeanie Bryson and on the male side, Johnny Hartman, Steve Lawrence and Dennis Lotus.  Such artists are seldom heard on the airwaves these days.

On a personal note I have been an avid record collector for more years than I care to mention and as such have amassed a fairly sizeable collection of music which is not surprisingly, used as the source for my weekly programme.

My other interests include walking, cycling, reading and as a former drummer, listening to live music.




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Colin Cunningham