Dave has been presenting shows on Hospital Radio for 9 years. He was first introduced to it by Steve Wilson  - they used to work together and were always discussing music at every opportunity. 

Dave inherited his interest for music from his mother's side of the family - mum used to play the piano and grandma played the Church organ.  When asked Dave will modestly say “ I only got as far as being able to play My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” and “The right hand part to Eleanor Rigby”! 

Growing up in a working class family life was not easy and it was a while before they acquired the ‘luxury’ of a record player.  “At first we only had a few Top of the Pop albums (which were covers of the hits of the day).  Do you remember the Woolworths Embassy label covers?  (Between the 1950’s and 1965 Embassy released hundreds of songs recorded by different artists and these releases were sold for half the price of a major label release of the era).

“The first single I ever bought was Living Thing by ELO and my first album was Sheer Heart Attackby Queen.  As you can tell from the show I do, my favourite style of music is rock, especially Prog Rock but also hard rock and folk rock, but nothing too heavy”. 

Rock Show - Saturdays 1pm-2pm (1pm - 3pm during summer)
Music & Sport Show - Saturday 2pm-5pm (3pm - 5pm during the summer)



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David Broome