Bringing music and health together, natural ways to help balance your mind, body and soul.

My interest in radio started back in the late 80's whereby I took a BTEC course on Radio, TV and Journalism.

In 1991 I moved to the Algarve and took a part-time job as a film editor for a Finnish, company making and editing TV commercials.

Back in the UK in 1995 I pursued a career in natural health and took various courses which included Anatomy, Physiology & Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Diet & Nutrition, Counselling, Manipulation of the bones, Reiki Master (1,2 & 3), and finally a Teacher Training course for Hatha Yoga.  The idea was to open a Natural Health Retreat in sunny Spain.

In 2008-2009 whilst living in Spain I began working for the local radio station, Spectrum FM, doing voice overs for local businesses advertising.  This led to being offered my own show, which I then began a natural health show going out live across a large area of southern Spain.

A Brain hemorrhage stopped me in my tracks in which I had life saving surgery, 6 months after surgery my partner and myself decided it was time to leave Spain especially as I needed further medical care and the previous surgery I had received in Spain had cost us 30,000 euros. 

2010 I arrived back in the UK and after a few years recovery and further medical care I decided I wanted to give back to the NHS for the support and care I had received.  I picked up a volunteering booklet and to my delight there was an article for Hospital radio.  It was my natural choice to apply for volunteering as a radio presenter.  

My training began in April 2013, I met some really lovely, friendly people and haven't looked back.  I hope to continue to support the radio with my shows and charity work.

I believe volunteering for Hospital radio has helped me in my recovery and build up my confidence and self esteem.  Long Live Hospital Radio.



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