The name is Belton, Jeff Belton - that’s right I’m a massive fan of James Bond and have been for too long to remember. Not just the films either but the background too, how they were made. But my biggest interest is the music, that’s why you will hear me play not just the theme tunes but the incidental music throughout the films.

 I also like Disco, Soul, Rock, even silly tunes e.g.; The Birdie Song. Why all these? Back in the early 1980’s I used to run a Mobile Disco and even used to play the greatest singer of all time Mr. Des O’Connor LOL. I have been with Hospital Radio for 4 years and I love it.  I can play mostly what I like but love to get your requests. So for 2 hours I try and play a mixture of music, including music from Shows and Films. I even run quizzes sometimes. 

So tune into me on Monday and Wednesday mornings for some fun, and laughter. From 9am Till 11am. 

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Jeff Belton