Hello there.  In 2015 hospital radio celebrated its 40th year of broadcasting in Hastings and I am proud to have been part of the pioneering team who started things off.

They were exciting, heady days with friends like Chris, Mick, Tony, Dave, John, Alan, Tim and others.  We ran some great outside broadcasts back in the day, including the Queen Mother’s Investiture as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and a Christmas Carol Service from Canterbury Cathedral – bringing back the tape recordings to play back to patients.

I moved away from the town but returned and re-joined hospital radio some 11 years ago.

Today I run a programme on Wednesday evenings.  I also help train new recruits, work with Brighton University and am part of the team who have enabled Conquest Hospital Radio to broadcast on the internet and evolve a new and exciting web presence.

I love hospital radio – it’s fresh, unfettered, relevant and with an enormously varied content from so many talented presenters (some of ours are ex-professional broadcasters).

Support your local hospital radio – we always need volunteers!



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Keith Simons