Oh hello! How nice of you to come along to my page! Now that you are here I would be delighted if you would join me for my Live Folk Show  7-8pm on Mondays and the Classical Extravaganza also on Mondays from 8pm till 9pm. I present these two shows with the help of Terry Kane who has decades of radio experience and is better known for presenting ‘The Radio Lounge’ on Arrow FM.  Whether or not you are a patient here you can email me for a request/dedication on my show http://www.conquesthospitalradio.co.uk/Maxine/.  
You are probably wondering about me, what I bring to CHR and how I got to present on CHR . For me, the most important contribution to CHR I could make would be to uplift the in patients with some nice music, a giggle and for the patients to feel they have a friend on the end of their ear phones.  I really do care about those who are in hospital and I try to put out healing vibes along with silent prayers.  More recently I have again become more aware of the need to give local musicians and singers a platform to be heard on radio. Combining the needs of patients and the needs of local musicians I feel is a good recipe because the patients feel less distanced in hospital hearing local people live. Also local artistes come along in the knowledge that they are uplifting people with their skills and abilities which I feel helps them relax more. Their broadcast is philanthropic as well as being a helping hand up the career ladder. As for myself I learned several instruments while growing up and eventually gained a music diploma and music based degree with the Open University. My training has helped me immensely in putting the shows together to provide a good listening experience with plenty of variety.  I also have a music industry qualification. 

So how did I get on CHR? Well,  whilst in hospital myself having a bone marrow transplant I wrote a song ‘NEW HOPE’ to try and give hope to others with critical/terminal illnesses. I got in touch with 3 other girls who also had Leukaemia like me and we recorded the song.  I popped into CHR a few times to see if CHR would be interested in playing the track for the benefit of others.  Eventually our Chairman Wendy Belton  arranged an interview for me with Marga Withycombe.  I have to say I was terrified about the interview but Marga soon put me at my ease.  So that you know what I am talking about, here is the song.   Marga and I chatted away live on air and at the end she asked me if I would like to come back the following week.  I felt like fainting to think that I was being invited back to CHR but before I knew it the words ‘yes please’ came out of my mouth. I joined Marga for a few weeks and then one day she asked me if I would be interested in having my own show.  I was amazed.  I thought about it and realised that I might be able to give hope to others with life threatening illnesses so again I told Marga ‘yes please’.
So here I am, and I am hoping that if you are reading my blurb you will be uplifted by my story. I think being positive and determined are natural defences when unwell.  I also believe that life is an energy and that positive vibrations between people is part of the ‘force of life’. From that angle I am  thrilled to put out good vibrations on air to  *you*.  
If you go back to the presenter page now you will find all the other presenters.  They are the loveliest of people all giving their time voluntarily for you. Don’t forget to check out the schedule page to view all the other exciting shows here on CHR. I hope you enjoy listening to CHR and please come back very soon! xx