Hello there, Richard Smith here from The A to Z of Pop.

I've been asked to say a little bit about myself, so here goes.

I first started out in Hospital Radio in my home town of Nottingham 30 years ago (blimey, am I that old), thinking I was going to be the next big thing. I soon realised that this wasn't likely to happen but was enjoying myself so much going around the wards, meeting and working with loads of interesting and entertaining people, that I soon forgot about that ambition completely.

After a stint at Nottingham Hospitals Radio, I moved on to become Station Manager at Radio Robin in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, where we started a station from absolutely nothing and had great fun doing it to.

I then moved up to live in Lancashire and was planning to get back into Hospital Radio when I suffered an accident in 2003 which reduced my mobility somewhat, however, with all that new found spare time on my hands I felt obliged to do something useful with it, and The A to Z of Pop concept was born.

All these years later and the shows are syndicated to more than 100 Hospital, Community and Internet-based stations in the UK and Ireland including here at Conquest Hospital Radio and I am very honoured to be a small part of the team.

And you can find out what all the fuss is about by joining me, every weekday at 8am. Whether it's 'A Walk In The Black Forest' to the 'Zambesi'  or Abba to ZZ Top, I'll be looking at a specific letter of the alphabet on the next edition of The A to Z of Pop, right here, on your favourite station.

I'll see you later, ta-ra.



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Richard Smith