Listen to digitally re-mastered shows from America’s most famous DJ! Often copied but never bettered, The Wolfman is on every weekday night!

Yes, that’s right folks, The Wolfman is dead, but he became immortalised in the year 2000 when his radio shows were digitally remastered and distributed for the next generation to enjoy!

As a teenager The Wolfman (born Robert Weston Smith) was influenced by DJs such as Tommy Small, The Hound, Alan Freed and Jocko, and he would pretend to be a DJ in his basement at home in Brooklyn, New York. Aged 17, he got lucky when he was spotted hanging around the stage door of the Paramount Theatre and not only did he get to meet one of his idols but to work for him too as a ‘runner’. Despite being a high-school dropout, Smith attended the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington D.C. and graduated at the top of his class.

Smith’s first real radio job was at WYOU in Newport News, Virginia.  It was here in 1960, he met the love of his life, Lucy “Lou” Lamb.  They were married and quickly had two children.  At WYOU, Smith did three shows with three different DJ personas; “Daddy Jules”, who played R&B, “Roger Gordon”, who played classical and “Big Smith with the Records”, who played the current hits.

In late 1961, Smith moved his family to Shreveport, Louisiana where he began working at KCIJ. It was here that Bob Smith created the Wolfman Jack character but it was the powerful Mexican radio station XERF that made this character a star over a number of years! Wolfman Jack’s personality sent energy through the radio speakers and attracted the attention of millions of people all across North America.  Wolfman’s mix of rowdy rock, verbal antics and raw rhythm & blues, began to make news.  His national popularity grew as stories began to appear in “Time Magazine”, “Newsweek”, “Life Magazine”, and major city newspapers, all asking the same question; “Who is Wolfman Jack and where did he come from?”

In 1973, George Lucas, who was a fan of the Wolfman, cast him into his film “American Graffiti”, which became a huge cult classic! The Wolfman used this success and went on to form his own distribution company, becoming the first radio DJ to nationally distribute his show, which he did to over 2,000 stations in 53 countries!



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