My programme is 'Easy Listening with Yvonne.  A mixture of  Rock N Roll, Love Songs, Motown and Country Western going back to 50's  60's and 70's'.

Biography:   London Born (South East - Beckenham)  I moved to the Hastings area in 1982, to raise my sons after my husband, who had been a serving soldier, was killed in action. 

I met and married Mike in 1996,  My interests include going to the gym and i like art and craft things - knitting and making things for the local hospice.   I also like singing (I was once in a choir), watching TV. and attending church.

Mike is a Radio Ham and through him I have developed an interest in the Hospital Radio.  I have just recently started my programme,  so I am fairly new to broadcasting.



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Yvonne Hedges