Urgent Fundraising Appeal !

Conquest Hospital Radio is a self-funding registered charity and has been broadcasting to patients for over 40 years. We have gone from a tape deck in a cupboard back in the early days to a fully computerised system today. However no equipment lasts forever and we are increasingly finding that our audio mixing deck is starting to fail to the point that if it dies completely we will sadly be off air. We therefore have an urgent need to raise up to £3000 in order to replace our audio mixing deck which is more money than our annual fundraising can cope with. You can help us keep broadcasting across the hospital and to the wider community over the internet by making a donation and helping us fund some new equipment no matter how small.

Please click on the link below for our Justgiving page or for a one off or regular donation you donate via the second link below. Justgiving do not charge us however they ask for a “tip” of £1 per donation however you can customise this to £0 if you wish during making your donation.

Click here for Conquest Hospital Just Giving Page