A glowing report on CHR is included in this article. It is written by Neil March. Neil is a music promoter, particularly new groups and artists, a producer, works with BBC 6 Music,and records and performs his own material and was once a Hospital Radio Presenter.

Conquest Hospital Radio: Paradise by the Sea

I made my radio debut on Hospital Radio back in the eighties at a time when no-one took such stations seriously. After all if anyone was actually listening there was a good chance they would be sick and possibly geriatric. Hardly cutting edge in an era that was all about youth, slickness and glamour. Wind the clock on thirty years and we have an increasing number of hospital radio stations who broadcast online and have listeners all over the UK or even the world.
One such station is the excellent Conquest Hospital Radio in Hastings, East Sussex and here I am focusing on the unique Paradise by the Sea 2pm – 4pm, Tuesday afternoons) presented my long-time friend and former workmate Graham Belchanber. Graham and I worked together in an entirely different sector, as fellow national trade union negotiators, but one of the reasons we hit it off immediately was because we both loved music so much.
So it is a joy to hear Graham presenting his own show and having the freedom to set his own playlists which include a lot of historic and classic music but also a fair amount of new music too including artists who are only just emerging or who sit well outside the Pop mainstream. Features include a Guess The Band T-Shirt competition in which listeners try to guess the band on the T-Shirt Graham is actually wearing during the show, the first one to get it right receiving a ‘Pint in the Post’. Also there is always plenty of Pop Trivia plus ongoing banter with listeners via social media. Unfortunately Conquest does not currently provide podcasts so there is no facility to listen back to a show. Maybe that will come. But if you are able to tune in on a Tuesday afternoon it is a joyous experience and Graham’s commitment to supporting new music is admirable.